Backup storage setup guide

A backup storage location is the remote server or the external USB, FireWire, or eSata drive for storing a copy of your files and folders. If the original storage device, such as your computer’s main hard disk, fails and data is lost, the data can be recovered from the backup copy. In an enterprise, the loss of important business data can be catastrophic. It is strongly recommended that you spread backup storage locations geographically.

You can choose any protocol for backup: External drive, AFP(Apple local area network), SMB (Windows local area network), FTP remote server, WebDAV, SFTP, or OpenStack Swift. If you are not sure which protocol is the best or you simply do know which protocol you would like to use please refer the article about protocol recommendations.

If you are not sure about where to store your backup or if you do not have your own server, you may read recommendations about good file cloud storage options and instructions how to set up with a specific cloud storage host.

To set up a new backup storage location

  • Run Immortal Files
  • Choose Immortal Files > Backup storage.
  • Click + at the bottom of the Backup Storages dialog.
  • Select the type of backup storage location and click Next.
    Select backup protocol
  • As needed, specify the location or access information for the backup.
    Read specific instructions for: