How to backup files on computer or Mac to a Dropbox Account.

First, add Dropbox to your backup options. To do this:

dropbox storage

Run Immortal Files. Click Options > + and add Dropbox to your backup options. Click > Next > Grant Access An invitation from Dropbox will now appear > Allow

grant access

Return to Immortal Files where you will now be asked for your Dropbox URL, username and password.

To backup to Dropbox:

  • From the main (top) menu select Backup Followed by New Backup. You will see that your new backup file appears in the left of the Immortal Files window.

    Click to rename your Mac or PC backup. It is best to use something with the word Dropbox for future ease of file organization.

  • Next select the files you wish to back up using the check boxes. You may also exclude files by file extension or by name. Simply right-click for these options.

  • add files to backup
  • Click Backup. Your computer or folder backup locations will now open. Select Dropbox.

Browse Server. With this option, you specify the folder in your Dropbox where you wish to back up to. You will see that there is an option to add a new folder also.

If a backup to Dropbox has been done previously, Immortal Files will locate the folder for you.

You can also give this backup a unique backup Storage Name. If you choose to do so, you will see that the full URL is visible for future reference. You may skip this option by clicking next.

Immortal Files will now test your Dropbox settings. This may take up to a minute.

Encrypt. Next comes the option to encrypt your storage. This is an important part of any PC or Mac backup strategy, particularly where remote backups are concerned.

To encrypt, simply enter and confirm a password.

Please Note: If your password is lost, restoring a data backup will be impossible.

Click Next.

You will now see that your Dropbox Storage has been added to your backup locations. Press Ok. Your file backup will now begin; progress will be visible in the left of the window.

As with all computer or folder backups, the first one can take quite a while depending on the amount of data to be transferred. Once your data backup is completed, don’t forget to verify by pressing the Inspect button.