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    Immortal Files
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    Immortal Files is a file-by-file backup utility. Can do backup to USB Flash Drive, USB External Drive, Firewire Drive, or network devices, which you can connect to using sftp, smb or afp protocols.

    For Mac OS X 10.7 and higher

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    Immortal Files
    For Windows

    For Windows Vista and higher

Release notes

11 August 2016 Immortal Files Version 2.5.104242

Add: Implement compression - add small files to zip archives
Add: Name backup by default as backup storage name
Fix: Full scan and backup should not use continue
Fix: Save settings based on uuid, backup renames do not break continue operations
Fix: Continue files name escaping - some backup names leads to errors
Fix: Log may be broken if backup name have special symbols
Fix: Expand states was not saved correctly if backup name have special symbols
Fix: Add backup storage remove button to the backup options
Fix: Immortal Files may quit if computer sync time and time move to the past
Fix: El Capitano not bootable disk protection attributes can be copied
Fix: Escape special files names, some file systems does not support special files
Fix: Crashes on 10.7 during backup to USB/Firewire
Fix: Ftp server whitch does not support espv command
Fix: Sometimes reconnect attemps may be to long even if it was obvious that reconnect will never happen
Fix: Upload/download big files in content-length mode

4 January 2016 Immortal Files Version 2.1.100710

Add: File names encryption
Add: Support during backup storage setup
Add: Dynamic folder change list calculation
Fix: Size calculation
Fix: Webdav drill down
Fix: Google cloud nearline now more stable
Fix: Owncloud server should work with Immortal Files
Fix: Improve backup speed
Fix: Fix crashes when Immortal Files run long time

1 October 2015 Immortal Files Version 2.0.99258

Add: Implement Dropbox
Add: Implement Google Cloud
Fix: Implement cache for openstack swift
Fix: Handle SF_NOUNLINK file flag OS X El Capitan
Fix: Support case sensitive filesystems
Fix: Support unicode composed filesystems
Fix: Verify may failed if folder was manually excluded

18 August 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.9.97552

Add: Support OS X El Capitan
Fix: Backup of external disks may be moved to history
Fix: Crashes during backup storage creation
Fix: Crashes on some computers pressing Backup button
Fix: Destination filesystem checks

28 July 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.9.97442

Add: Due to the nature of ftp protocol verification is now mandatory
Add: Verification of db critical data is now mandatory
Add: Transaction will be repeat automatically in case of error
Fix: Crashes on some computers pressing Backup button
Fix: Create backup storage expand folder tree automatically

27 June 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.9.96761

Add: Implemement ssh sftp private key authentication
Fix: Crashes during big backup if Internet connection dissapear
Fix: Create new backup storage may not work on some dav servers

21 June 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.9.96681

Fix: Some webdav servers was incompatible with ImF
Fix: On some OS X configurations cannot respect ownership during bootable backup
Fix: During big file upload - backup may hang
Add: License

31 January 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.8.96745

Add: Network download/upload limits
Add: Cpu priority setting
Add: Disk io priority settings
Fix: Crashes

31 January 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.7.96508

Fix: webdav: OPTIONS command have to have length header. Receive OPTIONS body.
Fix: webdav: If webdav root folder does not exist, this is not hard error. Try to go deep.
Fix: webdav: Unauthorized is not network error. This is hard error for realm auth.
Fix: ftp: Ftp error 500 is now network error.
Fix: namespace: Some servers cannot handle files or folder with dots at the end. Add: dots escape mode.
Implement optimal number for reconnect estimation
Fix: hang then network connection dissapear
Implement Show favorites finder options. Uncheck it if have delays because mounted folders in favorites, whitch lead to delays
Fix: remaining time: if backup is longer when 1 day it will show the amount of days to backup

24 January 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.6.96270

Backoff on Google Drive Error 503
SSL handshake is reconnect error now
Fix: Google Drive namespace. It now support files with any names.
Fix: Openstack reconnect

17 January 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.5.96264

Ask user to access to google drive in case previously remembered refresh token is wrong
Fix: google drive reconnect
IF now compatible with owncloud webdav server
Fix: ftp and google drive cache state when operation was successful, but response did not received

9 January 2015 Immortal Files Version 1.4.96056

Implement Google Drive
Fix: backup files with long names to openstack
Implement exponential backoff delay during reconnect
Fix: crashes

12 December 2014 Immortal Files Version 1.3.94990

Implement remote server browse dialog for openstack
Fix: ftp servers whitch does not support ABOR command
Add: rackspace and dreamobjects support
Fix: working with HP cloud
Fix: crashes

5 December 2014 Immortal Files Version 1.2.94761

Implement remote server browse dialog for ftp, webdav and sftp
Implement caret control escape mode. Files with newline and return caret symbol transfer correctly now
Fix: sftp backup storage setup
Fix: crashes

21 November 2014 Immortal Files Version 1.1.94292

Integrate help
Fix: ftp reconnect
Fix: crashes

14 November 2014 Immortal Files Version 1.0.94281

Handle the case when source file/folder disappear or change type
Handle the the case when user manually delete file or folder from backup storage
Separate continue after error for backup, delete and verification
Fix: random hangs during backup restore
Fix: tray icon in dark mode in OS X Yosemite
Fix: layout in OS X Yosemite

16 October 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.92551

Add: OS X 10.10 Yosemite support
Implement backup verification
Implement auto ownership respect for external drives
Add: backup inspector - view backup results in the past
Add: auto verify after backup
Fix: sha256 checksum on encrypted storages
Fix: openstack error processing

26 September 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.81548

Implement backup state icons
Fix: cache in ftp filesystem
Fix: error processing during backup setup
Fix: helper tool installation
Improve backup speed

12 September 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.70646

Implement bootable backup - to create bootable backup select USB storage and format drive as HFS+ disk
If file or folder deleted by user from backup storage Immortal Files correctly reupload them
Implement backup verification based on sha256 checksum
Move all meta information stored in .computer folder for new backup

1 August 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.59942

Immortal files include/exclude rule window now reflect changes done in Finder
Fix: hangs on exist
Fix: remote file system testing
Immortal file now work correctly with different users on same computer

11 July 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.49681

Implement openstack swift
Backup name should not be empty
If app was launched and user try to launch it again - main menu did not work
Backup storage password may sometimes disappear when user click next button
Fix: crashes on ssh protocol

20 June 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.38412

Implement smb/afp reconnect
Restore from another computer password not remember
Webdav did not work on escape detection
Add: backup fullscan to menu - also fulscan may be performed from toolbar holding option button and press backup

12 June 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.28286

Fix: spelling and grammar
Fix: problem if user's download folder is an alias
History mode in async mode now
If we are using open item/restore item button and helper tool not installed - ask a message
Install helper tool button blue now
Remove test data after backup storage check or filesystem check
Some ssh (ftps) server does not support append mode
Force user to create normal backup name - no spaces - no national character - only ascii
Add: user/desktop folder if not present

30 May 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.17829

Run backup automatically was broken when unchecked
Add: whitespace edge escape mode
Fix: crash/hang on exit
Fix: crashes on view history
Fix: ssh reconnect
If run backup automatically was unchecked do not backup on start automatically
Fix: ftp servers which does not support ABOR command
Fix: ftp servers which does not support border whitespace

23 May 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.9.17566

Fix: hang when immortal files run on the same computer under another user
Fix: backup storage intersection (if backup storage is inside backup folder)
If item changed type (was a folder, being a file, or link; was a file, or link being a folder) backup stuck on hard error
Fix: backup of backup of backup
Disable osx internal spell checker for log (this led to cpu load on big backup)
Fix: continue on newly created backup storage
Double click on item (not on the check box) Add: files and folder to backup (before it opened the file or folder)
If file folder or link was present on dst for any reason (for example OSX create .DS_Store file) move this objects to _files folder
Fix: log shown after restart (in hide mode)
Fix: crashes/hangs on exit
For samba protocol (Windows network) Immortal Files try to resolve computer name through netbios when through apple routines
Add: stop button during backup storage setup.

16 May 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.8.10000

Add: Parallel thread numbers settings
One transaction will be executed in parallel if possible
Limit one transaction per 50mb transfer or 300 files or folders or links whatever come first
Skip files/folders already uploaded for current generation
Add: sftp reconnect
Add: ftp reconnect
Add: test mode for links for all protocol ( some protocols claim to support link, but in reality they are not )
Add: backup mode with no move folders mode ( some protocols claim ability to move folder, from one location to another, but in reality they are not )
Connection refused is considered as network reconnect error ( reconnect attempt will occur )
Fix: crash on escape button
Fix: scroll log view
Fix: IIS web-dav - failed on some files
Fix: web-dav rollback failed on some files due to broken web-dav implementation

9 May 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.7.10000

Add: popular backup source (iPhoto, Calendar, Skype Chat, Emails)
Add: popular storage (box)
Fix: ftp protocol (some servers claim support ftp REST, but in really not)
Fix: setup backup storage layout (can see error processing)
Implement terminal escape mode (escape characters used in terminal commands)
Add: twitter promo

3 May 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.6.10000

Fix: initial backup storage setup
Fix: USB/Firewire backup storage on 10.7
Fix: crash on restore computer with same name as current.

2 May 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.5.10000

Fix: afp protocol
Fix: osx problem when file monitor does not provide change list nor error code
Add: backup storage easy setup

25 Apr 2014 Immortal Files Version 0.4.10000

Add: ftp protocol.
Add: web-dav protocol. (via http or https)
Sign application with Apple Developer Id
Fix: backup of backup storage
Fix: include/exclude checkbox
Fix: freezes on slow connection
Fix: delete old backups
Show rollback progress during estimate and backup
Reduce memory consumption during big restore
Add: encryption - aes ctr mode with complete random iv

10 Dec 2013 Immortal Files Version 0.2.10000

Fix: backup files with long names, especially to Windows servers
Implement dialog to auto exclude trashes, logs, system files, system cache.
Improve long exclude list performance
Fix: auto update
Implement log during backup storage connect

25 Nov 2013 Immortal Files Version 0.1.26506

Fix: hangs on some ssh(scp) servers
Implement name mode (normal, escape windows and short)
Implement link mode (copy link, do not copy link)
Fix: working with servers based on Windows
Fix: crashes

14 Nov 2013 Immortal Files Version 0.1.26159

Fix: helper tools crashes
Fix: restore item, after restore have been stopped
Fix: encryption password when connecting another computer backup
Fix: log after connect another computer backup
Add: helper text on restore

10 Nov 2013 Immortal Files Version 0.1.26066

Fix: autostart when application was updated
Fix: start in hidden mode
Fix: installing helper tools
Restore may be continue after error now
Open restore location in Finder after complete

26 Oct 2013 Immortal Files Version 0.1.25932

Fix: layout
Fix: help and support pages

25 Oct 2013 Immortal Files Version 0.1.25132

Initial Release