How to back up iTunes music and movies

iTunes is a media library, media player, and media store created by Apple Inc. This application organizes audio and video files, and it provides a way to download and play those media files. It is available on many devices produced by Apple and can be used on Windows computers.

Why back up your iTunes library?

You may have your own music or video files stored in iTunes that were not bought directly from Apple, or you may have some rare composition that is hard to find. If so, you would want to back up those files that are not easily replaceable. If you have problems with your computer, it would be complicated to restore your audio and video collection manually. Therefore, you may want to back up your iTunes library to protect it from accidental loss. Immortal Files can securely back up and fully restore all files and all file attributes that other backup programs cannot ensure.

Can anybody access the files except me?

Your music and movies can be securely stored on a remote server or external drive. You may upload files even to remote servers on another continent. If you would like, you may encrypt the files and nobody except you will be able to view your personal collection.

How to back up iTunes with Immortal Files

You can back up your iTunes library separately or as part of a regular backup. Immortal Files includes a easy-to-use shortcut for including your iTunes library.

To schedule Immortal Files to back up iTunes

  • Start Immortal Files.
  • Select a backup setup on the left.
  • If not already selected, select the checkbox next to Music from iTunes.
    Backup itunes library
  • Click Backup on the toolbar.
  • Set up backup storage options. Use the guide to know more about backup storage locations and the proper way to set one up.

NOTE: To back up music files not stored for iTunes, manually select the appropriate folder (or files) in the list. Please refer to the full manual on how to include files for backing up with Immortal Files.

NOTE: If you select Music from iTunes as shown, only the iTunes library for the current user will be scheduled for backing up. To back up the iTunes library for another user, select the /Users/ UserName/Music/iTunes folder manually.