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Install Immortal Files

Immortal Files is available as a download from here immortal-files.dmg . You do not need a credit card or other payment method. Important! Please do not download Immortal Files from anywhere else except from Immortal Files partners.

To Install Immortal Files

  • Open your preferred browser (for example, Safari).
  • At, click Download Now.
    Download Immortal Files
    The file you download is named immortal-files.dmg, which is an Apple disk image. The Immortal Files installer is less than 15 MB.
    Open DMG
  • After the immortal-files.dmg file downloads, double-click it.
  • To install Immortal Files from the Immortal Files window, drag the Immortal Files icon to the Applications folder in the window (or to your Desktop if you have no administrative rights on this computer).
  • To start the application, double-click the Applications icon in the Immortal Files installer window or open your Applications folder from the Dock or a Finder window.
    Move Immortal Files to application folder
    Double-click Applications.
  • In the Applications folder, double-click the Immortal Files icon.
    Run Immortal files
    (If you had installed Immortal Files previously without starting it, Immortal Files updates itself automatically when you first start it.)

    After Immortal Files installs all necessary components, which may take up to 10 seconds, the main Immortal Files window opens.
    Open Immortal Files window
  • Follow the instructions to include the documents you would like to back up and prepare your backup plan.