Set up Google Drive for backup storage

With this backup storage location, your backup will be stored on a Google' servers. Google drive is one of the best and reliable solution on the market. Google have common server address for every account. A server address (URL) would look like gdr:// Google drive protocol have prefix gdr://.

You may want to store your backup somewhere specifically inside your Google Drive. In the example, URL given, the backup will be stored at /mybackups/homebackups at your Google Drive account. Google Drive enforce secure connections by default.

To connect Immortal Files to your Google Drive

  • Press Grant Access button. Before Immortal Files can access your Google Drive account, it must obtain an access token that grants access.
    Setup google drive as backup storage
  • The Immortal Files launches a browser, where you may log in with you Google account and allow Immortal Files access to the data. Enter your user name and password.
    Setup google drive as backup storage - login
  • Google drive will ask your permissions to allow Immortal Files to get access to view and manage files and document in your Google Drive account. Press Accept button.
    Setup google drive as backup storage - grant access
  • Immortal Files will retrieved you google drive credentials. Return to Immortal Files to continue.
    Setup google drive as backup storage - ready
  • Click Next.
    Immortal files will test your backup storage and, in case of any problem, it will show a warning.
    Backup storage warnings
  • If a backup storage location exists on the server, select the one to use.
    If a backup storage location does not exist on the server or you want to add a new one, select Add new storage.
  • Click Next.
    Backup storage name
  • If you selected Add new storage, type a name for the storage in the Name box, and then click Next. Specify a relevant unique name particularly if you are planning to have more than one storage location on the same server. The backup storage name can have only the letters a– z and numbers 0–9 for the best compatibility with different servers.
    After you type the name, Immortal Files shows the full URL for accessing the backup. You can use this URL later from another computer to restore your files.

    After you click Next, Immortal files makes additional remote server tests that may take some time and creates the new folder on the server. For a slow server, this process may take up to 1 minute.
  • Read the warnings about file names and click Next.
    This shows you any remote file system limitations. These are not errors. To read about the possible limitations or additional explanations, please refer to the Immortal Files backup system limitation information.
    remote file system limitation
  • To encrypt the backed up data on the server, select the Encrypt storage checkbox.
    Immortal Files provides very strong encryption and you may read how the program does it.
    encrypt backup storage
  • To encrypt and unencrypt the data, type a password in the Encrypt password box.
  • Then, re-type the password in the Verify password box.
  • Click Add storage.

NOTE: If you press Add storage and you get an error message, please send the text of this message to technical support if you believe that you filled in everything correctly, but the connection is still not available.

ATTENTION: If you lose your password, neither you nor anyone else can restore your data and backup file folders.

As soon as your backup storage location on the remote server is set up, you can back up your files. If you don’t want to back up manually, you can specify automatic backups.